Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pre-K Letter Learning Kit?

The Pre-K Letter Learning Kit is an at-home activity kit that is designed for adults and kids to use together to help pre-schoolers learn their letters, the first step in learning to read.  Using the step-by-step activity guides and supplies included in our Kit, we walk you through fun letter-learning games and hands-on activities. The Kit will help pre-schoolers learn letter names and sounds; practice writing both uppercase and lowercase letters; and put letters together to spell words. The strategies used by The At-Home Academy have been used in Neighborhood Lit. classrooms for over a decade and we’ve re-designed them in a Letter Learning Kit to be used by parents and caregivers in the comfort of your own home or recreation center. We are all about making learning fun, for both kids and adults alike!

Does this Kit really work?

Yes! The activities in the Letter Learning Kit have been used by educators, parents and kids attending Neighborhood Lit., a reading and writing instruction center, for over 10 years. We created The At-Home Academy as a way to share our learning-to-read strategies and ideas with families outside of our local community. Helping parents to enjoy and work with their children on literacy development has always been a part of the Neighborhood Lit. philosophy.

I'm not a teacher, can I really use these lesson plans?

Absolutely! While the lessons were designed by certified reading specialists, we designed these plans keeping "lay" people in mind.  The lesson plans include easy to follow instructions that guide you step-by-step through each activity and the purpose (objective) of the game. We included just about all the supplies you need to conduct the 24 lessons so no need to go shopping or hunt around the house to find supplies, they are all in here and ready to be used to get the learning started.

My 4 year old is already in pre-school. Why do I need this Kit?

The Kit is designed to supplement formal educational programs and give you and your child a chance to spend one-on-one time together learning. Pre-schools are a great place to start the literacy process but what is done at home will have the most impact on children’s development.  Parents and caregivers are the greatest role models and kids will value what you value. With the Letter Learning Kit you will help your children understand at a young age that learning continues at home; it can be fun when you do it together; and that you think it is important enough to spend your time with them working together to improve their reading and writing skills.  In addition, you will participate directly in your children’s learning and know that they are dedicating quality time towards reading and writing while having loads of fun doing it.

How big is this box?

The Kit is well packaged in a box 20"x15"x3" and it includes all the supplies you need to conduct over 24 lessons. If you prefer not to keep the supplies in the box, we've included an 8" square collapsible storage bin to keep everything organized and in one place. Seriously, the only things not included in this kit are a paper plate, a driveway, sidewalk, table-top, chairs, and music you need to conduct some of the lessons. Most were just too big to ship...  

Why register my Kit?

By registering your kit you will have direct access to our supplemental lesson plans and first notifications of new products and special pricing for purchasing additional Kit supplies.

Do you offer support if I need help with the lessons?

Yes! Please call or email to chat with one of our reading specialists to discuss the lessons and to answer questions you may have related to the lesson or lessons. or 732.686.6800 

Purchasing and Returns

What retailers sell this product?

To keep our customer pricing as low as possible, we are not offering our Kits through third parties or retailers. You may purchase the Letter Learning Kit exclusively through The At-Home Academy on this website or by calling 732.686.8600.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

In most cases we will ship via USPS and orders should arrive within 3 to 4 business days.

What is your return policy?

You can return unopened, not used Kits for up to 14 days from the time of purchase. Our complete refund policy can be found here


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