Letter Learning in Your Community

Letter Learning for Preschoolers Is Really This Much Fun

The At-Home Academy has developed an interactive letter learning program that is conducted at community centers, businesses, churches, libraries or any center that can accommodate our activities and the participating kids and adults.  Through guided interaction between the instructor, parents, and children, the group is led through a number of fun letter learning activities that helps develop knowledge and understanding of how letters are used and important to both learning to read and write.

The complete letter learning program is conducted in two six-week sessions covering over 24 games and activities that will have the children saying letter names and sounds; recognizing written letters; writing upper and lower case letters; and reading and writing some words. Different activities include shaving cream writing, letter sound BINGO, uppercase letter hopscotch, musical chairs letter writing, and many more.

Sessions include lesson books and all supplies required for adults and children to work together. Adults will be given a storage bin to keep lesson books and supplies, while kids get their own tote bag to bring their work from the session to home.