Reading Lessons

Reading Lesson 1
  • Yellow squares, green rectangle, green square and green triangle
  •  “Taylor” written 3 times (1 on square, 1 on rectangle and 1 on triangle)
  •  Each letter of Taylor’s name written on yellow squares
  • “Taylor” written on green rectangle and each letter of “Taylor” written on yellow squares.
Reading Lesson 2
  • 6 little orange squares
  • “Connor” written on red rectangle
  • Connor’s name spelled out with each letter written on orange square
  • 6 plastic eggs with some letters in them (the “o” and “r” are visible on the orange squares)
  • Same as above except all eggs are open and c, r, r, o, o are visible
  • Connor written on red rectangle, Connor spelled out with orange squares and plastic eggs
Reading Lesson 3 
  • Reading Lesson #3 worksheet partially cut apart 
  • Sunglasses, pen, keys and letters m, y, s, O, i, P, a, T, L, K
  • Video
 Reading Lesson 4
  • Blocks stacked in one tower on stool
  • 6 letter cards face down on the carpet
  • 6 blocks on carpet in random pattern with orange bean bag
  • 5 letter cards facedown on carpet - Letter “E” in hand
  • 6 letter cards on carpet (5 facedown and “E” turned faceup)
  • All letter cards face up
Reading Lesson 5
  • Canvas bin with foam letters inside and foam sheet in front of it
  • Letters in bin with purple pom pom
  • Purple pom pom and letter “z” on carpet
  • Toss It In and Make a Match grid and letter “z” on carpet
  • Grid with letter “z” circled in red, red ,marker and letter “z” on carpet
Reading Lesson 6
  • Beach Ball with letters written on it
  • Open parachute with Beach Ball in the middle of it
  • 12 letter cards face down on the carpet
  • 12 letter cards face down on the carpet with letter “p” turned face up
  • Beach Ball with letter p
  • P uppercase card and “p” on Beach Ball

      *Not sure if want to redo these pictures because the “p” on the beach ball might actually be a “b” 

Reading Lesson 7
  • 6 plastic balls with “w” written on the red one and “z” written on the yellow one; black marker on carpet
  • Red ball with “w” on it
Reading Lesson 8
  • Foam letter grid sheet and z, w, s, j, b lined up on it with metal clips attached 
  • Fishing pole with “j” attached to it and other letters on the carpet
Reading Lesson 9

                                      * Pictures are out of order

  • Uppercase tracing letter grid with blue lowercase “r” beside uppercase “R” on grid
  • Same as above but with pencil and uppercase “R” traced in pencil on grid
  • Same as above but now with purple letter “m” on grid
  •  Lowercase foam letters lined up on carpet
Reading Lesson 10
  • Uppercase letter cards in semi-circle on the carpet
  • Canvas bin and 2 sneakers
  • Letter “G” and “H” on the floor with sneaker touching “H”
  • Letter “H” in hand
  • Finger pointing to letter “h” on Beach Ball
Reading Lesson 11 
  • 6 blocks with letter sound cards on the carpet
  • 2 towers of 3 letter sound cards/blocks and purple pom pom
  • Blocks knocked down and letter sound card with a picture of octopus 
  • 2 towers restacked
Reading Lesson 12
  • 26 letter cards laid face down on the table
  • Same as above but egg picture in hand
  • Bingo board, pencil and egg card
  • Bingo board filled with letters and corresponding letter sound cards
  • Letter card with a picture of a house
  • Bingo board with Bingo chips on the table and 1 purple chip on the board
  • All chips covering the letters on the Bingo board