Our Story

The At-Home Academy was launched in early 2018 to support an important mission: To make learning fun and build a better world through childhood literacy.

Its founder, Janice Migliazza, is a reading specialist and owner of Neighborhood Lit, a reading and writing learning center located in central New Jersey that has been teaching 3 to 12-year-olds how to read and write since 2004.

Deciding to expand her reach beyond the classroom, Janice developed the concept of converting her classroom lessons into easy-to-follow lesson plans that could be conducted by parents in the comfort of their own home. Because Janice’s plans include a unique blend of art, game and classroom supplies, she took the concept a step further and decided to include all the necessary materials in one “kit” where parents didn’t have to shop or dig around the house to find what they needed to conduct the lessons.

It took two years for Janice to finalize her concept and in early 2018, Janice formally launched her inaugural series - The Pre-K Letter Learning Kit. Designed to be a beginning step in children learning to read, the Pre-K Letter Learning Kit is the first of a number of programs Janice and her team will introduce to families who want to take more control over the quality of reading and writing education their children receive and more importantly - have lots of fun doing it!

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