Writing Lessons

Writing Lesson 1


  • Yellow circle on red paper
  • Black circle on red paper
  • Large black circle with smaller circles filling up the rest of paper
  • Large green C on green paper with different curves and large green straight line on red paper with different lines on it
  • “Madison” written in yellow on red paper with first two letters traced in black
Writing Lesson 2


  • Smear of shaving cream on blue table
  • Finger making a circle in shaving cream  (ignore the first two pictures of this because you can see chart paper up in corner - use the 3rd #3 picture)
  • Finger making a curve (looks like s) in shaving cream
  • Finger making a straight line in shaving cream
  • Finger making a circle in the shaving cream (a line, curve and circle are already in the shaving cream)
Writing Lesson 3
  • “Michael” written on blue paper
  • “Michael” traced in blue with blue crayon
  • “Michael” traced in red with red crayon
  • “Michael” traced in green with green crayon
Writing Lesson 4
  • “Brooke” written in yellow on yellow paper
  • “B” covered in green dot marker
  • “Br” covered in green dot marker
  • Entire name “Brooke” covered in green dot marker
  • Finger pointing to “B” in Brooke
Writing Lesson 5
  • Paper plate covered in rainbow sand
  • Finger making a “P” in sand with uppercase “P” card
  • Paper plate covered in rainbow sand (there are two of these pictures - use the one you like the best)
  • Finger making an “E” in sand with uppercase “E” card
Writing Lesson 6

* pictures are out of order 

  1. 26 craft sticks lined up with each letter of the alphabet written on the top of a stick

(Disregard sight word penny card picture)

  1. Blank Hopscotch board on driveway with pink chalk at to

      3 and 4.  Hopscotch board with “N” craft stick, letter “N” written in one of the squares and pink chalk

  1. All the letters filled in on hopscotch board and craft sticks at the top
  2. Rock on the letter “H” with up close picture (Next picture is same step of activity but taken so you can see the whole board)  
Writing Lesson 7
  • 26 craft sticks with all lowercase letters written on each stick 
  • Lowercase “e” written on green paper with craft stick
  • Lowercase “e” traced with yellow paint and paintbrush/paint/craft stick
  • (Might need to retake this picture because it is blurry)  Letters e, x, g, r and z traced in yellow paint
Writing Lesson 8   
  • a-h cards cut out with scissors
    • “a” card with apple on it and crayons
    • “B” (butterfly) and “c” (cupcake) cards with crayons
    • “a”, “b” and “c” lined up with letter line on top  
    • (card is out of order)  “d” card traced in blue
    • Abc book tied together with blue yarn
    Writing Lesson 9
    • 3 chairs lined up
    • 3 chairs lined up with letter cards underneath them 
    • Letter “A” written in yellow marker on pink paper
    • Letter “A” traced in pencil on pink paper
     Writing Lesson 10
    • Orange paint in ziplock bag
    • Letter “A” traced in paint with “A” letter card
    Writing Lesson 11
    • “a” written in yellow on purple paper with apple letter sound picture card
    • “a” traced in white with paint stick
    • a, p, g, r traced in white on purple paper with corresponding letter sound picture cards 
      Writing Lesson 12
      • 6 pink squares with scissors
      • Hat, stuffed lion, playdough and plastic ball
      • Lion with “l” letter sound picture card
      • Stuffed lion with letter “l” in yellow on pink square
      • Ball, hall and playdough with corresponding letter sound picture cards and letters written on pink squares
      • “b”,  “l”, “h” and “p” written on pink squares with metal clips attached
      • Fishing pole lifting the “b”
      • “b”  traced with white paint stick
      • The rest of the letters traced with blue marker and read and green crayons