Letter Learning Kit

Give your preschooler a gift that will last a lifetime!

Our Letter Learning Kit is a game-based learning-to-read program that is lots of fun and keeps kids engaged and motivated as they learn. Kids "play games" that are teaching them letter names and sounds, how to recognize and write upper and lowercase letters and how to read and write their name and a few words.

With adults and kids working together, the Kit follows a progression of activities that expose children to the alphabet and encourages them to work alongside their parent/caregiver as they play games using sidewalk chalk, paint, balls, foam blocks and dozens of other supplies included in the Kit! 

Yes, it's fun, but we're serious about educating your children. The activities in this Kit are not just games - they were designed in our classrooms and used by our teachers to help hundreds of our students learn how to read and write.

  • Developed by a Reading Specialist with over 15 years of experience building game-based reading and writing curriculum.
  • Step-by-step instructions that are simple: Select a lesson, gather materials (provided in Kit), follow the plan and work together - repeat.
  • Highly motivating and comprehensive program that walks kids and parents through 24 reading and writing objectives. And yes, all our lessons are hands-on, easy to follow and lots of fun too!
  • Each lesson takes between 10 - 20 minutes. Work repetitively on each objective for about a week or at a pace that works best for the child.
  • Safety-tested, high quality materials.
  • Includes a storage bin and pencil case to store all materials as well as an itemized content list tying all materials back to each lesson. 

      Customer Reviews

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      Wonderful Way To Engage with My Daughter

      The At Home Academy is a wonderful way to engage with my daughter, Norah 5, and help her on her way to the world of reading. The kit has everything you need, and as I opened the box in front of Norah, her eyes lit up with excitement because she new there was unlimited potential inside. Once a week Norah and I would use the kit as a way to “play” before we had to pick up her little brother from school. Now that our little guy is 3, we are going to get him a kit as well.