The At-Home Academy Pre-K Letter Learning Kit. Preschool Activities and Lessons for Children at Home. Step by step lessons, phonic cards, foam blocks, magnetic letters and a beach ball

24 game based activities

The Pre-K Letter Learning Kit includes ALL you need for your Pre-K child to have fun reading, writing and spelling! Incorporating teacher designed lessons that are fun to try over and over again!

Stress Free, Easy to Follow. Tested in classrooms for over 15 years, so you can focus on spending quality time with your child.

the at-home academy. the letter "Q" running. pick a letter run activity for children

Pick a Letter Run

Lesson 9
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Match upper and lowercase letters that don't look the same. It is important to know that these letters have the same name and make the same sound.

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the at-home academy. wooden letter blocks drawing. build your name activity for children

Build Your Name

Lesson 1
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Name and order the letters in your name. It's good to understand that your name is made up of a group of letters when put together in a certain order.

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the at-home academy. the letter "s" in blue sand. sand tray writing activity for children.

Sand Tray Writing

Lesson 5
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Uppercase letters are sometimes the first letters kids learn to write. They are used as the first letter in a name as well as for other types of words and are important letters to learn.

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the at-home academy. the pre-k letter learning kit box. reading and writing kit for children and toddlers. step-by-step lessons and games to learn reading and writing
Pre-K Letter Learning Kit
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